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M7TecGroup concentrates on


New Product Development

World Class Manufacturing

Value Stream Support

Life Cycle Sustainment


  • Development of synthetically designed materials

  • Digitally Engineered Manufactured products

  • Intelligent materials based upon rare earth, inorganic and organic design


  • Creating a strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ecosystem


3P Development



As of 2019 M7TecGroup embarked on its Strategic Mission at Texas A&M University's RELLIS Facilities.


Our Mission is to create innovation and generate value for ourselves and our partner entities via our Private Public Partnership's. We tirelessly strive to create revolutionary technologies and sustainable solutions in order to move our highly attractive and economically  driven  programs.


M7 TecGroup (M7TG), a subsidiary of M7 HillGroup (M7HG), provides a range of products and services to the Department of Defense and Fortune 50 companies, including Lockheed Martin Skunk Works.

In 2019, M7HG launched M7TG, based in College Station, Texas. 


M7TG is a forward leaning research, development and product transfer manufacturing platform to support the Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Infrastructure and Medical sectors. This endeavor is based upon building a long term Private Public Partnership with the Texas A&M University System.    



High End Growth

  • Infrastructure Transformation

  • Aerospace Materials

  • Next Generation Medical Solutions

  • Revolutionary Energy Programs

Safety Products

M7 TecGroup is doing it's part to make masks in College Station to support the fight against covid-19

Covid-19 Response

M7 TecGroup is a Founding Member of Strategic Vaccines, LLC.  Strategic Vaccines, LLC designs vaccines and therapeutics to combat viral threats. 

M7TecGroup is collaborating with Lockheed Martin and Texas A&M CIADM to provide high volume production of FLOWVID 20, a T-Cell Therapeutic to defeat COVID-19 in College Station, Texas.

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